“Fuel  for  Innovation gave our Digiteam a great team boost  during  Covid  19 via video  conferencing. We became aware of the different talents in the team and what energizes each person. As a result, we are much better able to use all these talents effectively and mutual trust has increased again.”

Stanley Alards, Manager Care, Menzis

“In the PortXL  accelerator program,  Fuel  for  Innovation has let the teams look at themselves in order to work together even more effectively based on their own talent”.

“Innovation requires not only ambition and tenacity, but also to be able to step back regularly in order to focus the vision and develop the cooperation.

Fuel for  Innovation helps to discuss the essentials with each other in a pleasant way.”

“In our fast-growing company, we have practically made all the beginners’ mistakes that you can imagine. Fuel for Innovation has helped us to organize ourselves effectively and also to slow down so that we are ready for the next phase. Together with Fuel, we looked at the required diversity of talents in our team and strengthened its formation.”


“Volt is the first pan-European political party and we are active in all EU countries. As a young party we can be compared to a successful scale-up. Fuel  for  Innovation helps us effectively manage mutual cooperation in this rapid growth.”

“Fuel for Innovation has brought our MT closer together. Through an intensive exercise we have experienced how each one works and how others in the team look at us. This has strengthened our mutual trust and our relationship. The full MT looks forward to further applying and implementing the insights they have been given within their own team. We look back on a very successful training.”

“On several occasions very pleasant cooperation with both Frans and Azwin on a professional and personal level. They have given us as a company and me personal sharp and good insights with the help of the AEM Cube and the Experience game, among others. Highly recommend to work with them!”


“Fuel for Innovation is a strong addition to our Creative Equity Scan ©. Where we focus primarily on finding the intrapreneurs and outlets of innovation within a company, they focus on the necessary culture and breeding ground that is needed to ignite innovation. ”


“We enjoy working together with Fuel for Innovation because we have known for a long time in Silicon Valley: innovation and business success is largely explained by culture and leadership. Frans and Azwin focus on this. With their many years of first-hand experience and strong skills, they are exceptionally valuable for start-ups, scale-ups and large organizations.”