What customers ask us

1) How do I make my company entrepreneurial, creative and innovative again

The way in which you operate as a manager is important here. Often the degree of control is proportional to the employee’s ability to be proactive.
Transparency and providing space with a good framework are essential here.

2) How do I improve employee engagement, customer focus and team spirit?

In our opinion, it really starts with involving employees in decision-making.

3) How do I speed up our growth while maintaining our core values?

It is certainly not about growing for growth. Scaling is not sacred. It’s about a “wise” business choice that you have to make as a start-up and scale-up. What do you not want to give up in the current working method and what gives you real satisfaction as a group (“Purpose”)?

4) Help us with this elephant in the room; What should the conversation be really about?

Starting point is what everyone really need. Being able to define and articulate the self-interest provides the basis for the real conversation. The elephant immediately becomes smaller when everyone feels heard in his or her experience and needs.

5) How do I guarantee the current High Performance method of work?

By continuously and consistently expressing appreciation and trust. And by having top management provide a shield for the psychological safety of employees.

6) Is online leadership and teambuilding possible?

Have team and leadership boosts during this period of Corona restrictions and working from home. Become aware of the new realities, get inspired and get practical do’s and don’ts to adapt to the new conditions.